OpenGL problem in running paraview

Hello everyone,
Recently, I tried installed paraview into my personal account in a server. I have downloaded the binary file in Download | ParaView, and the “ParaView-5.8.1-MPI-Linux-Python2.7-64bit” was downloaded.
I firstly run the paraview in the “paraview_pack/bin” directory, and some error happened, but it was tackled by adding “paraview_pack/lib” into the .bashrc file as “LD_LIBRARY_PATH”.
then run paraview again, another error come that:

( 6.714s) [paraview ]vtkOpenGLRenderWindow.c:578 ERR| vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow (0xeeda90): Unable to find a valid OpenGL 3.2 or later implementation. Please update your video card driver to the latest version. If you are using Mesa please make sure you have version 11.2 or later and make sure your driver in Mesa supports OpenGL 3.2 such as llvmpipe or openswr. If you are on windows and using Microsoft remote desktop note that it only supports OpenGL 3.2 with nvidia quadro cards. You can use other remoting software such as nomachine to avoid this issue.

I always login the server via mobaXterm, and the server is equipped with centos7.9. I am wondering how to deal with this problem? looking forward for any reply, thanks in advance.

It seems that your X provider doesn’t offer a suitable OpenGL implementation. Does passing --mesa work?

Also I highly suggest not changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH in .bashrc as it may confuse many other tools to inject ParaView’s copy of libraries into them (including things like