OpenVDB export issues

I’ve been using the new OpenVDB support in PV 5.10 for some time now with various heavy datasets. First of all, Thank you for making this available!

To make it really practical for multi-channel data, I’m looking for an easy way of selecting which data should be exported and how these fields should be named in OpenVDB, which is critical for using the .vdb files later on. At the moment, I need to use a filter chain: ExtractData (to rename) + PassArrays (to select) in order to achieve this, which is rather cumbersome. The OpenVDB options to not offer such functions. Is there a better way to solve this?


This will get a little bit better in PV 5.11 (which is in the release candidate stage right now). You can select which fields (VTK jargon)/channels (VDB jargon) you want to export when you write out the files so you’ll be able to skip using the PassArrays filter. Also, there’s a better way to rename fields in PV 5.11 (it may be available in earlier versions but I can’t remember when it was first introduced) called the RenameArrays filter. It does the renaming with essentially zero memory overhead.

If you want, you can test these features out in the release candidate from the ParaView download site and if there are any issues please report them so that they can get fixed before the actual release.

The new RenameArrays filter in PV 5.11 works great for this case! The OpenVDB export workflow using custom field names is much simpler now.

Thx, Steffen

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