openvdb format writter

Dear developer,how long can we use the vtk-to-vdb exporter in Paraview?

There’s effort to get it into 5.10.

Cc: @Andy_Bauer @utkarsh.ayachit

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hi @ben.boeckel Thanks for your reply.Can I build it in Linux with vdb writter by this branch now?
ParaView / ParaView-Superbuild · GitLab (

If you pull Andy’s branch, you can enable it on Linux at least. It’s not working on Windows yet, so that needs work before we can merge it.

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What‘s the flag should be enabled?I built Paraview only once.
Thank you @ben.boeckel

The superbuild on Andy’s branch has an ENABLE_openvdb flag.

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hi I notice that ParaView/ParaViewOptions.cmake at master · Kitware/ParaView · GitHub have openvdb option.
Should I install openvdb in linux and add what’s LIB in Path before build.
While with superbuild_paraview,there are no openvdb option in cmake file.

If you want it today, yes. The superbuild part hasn’t been merged yet.

The OpenVDB writer has been merged into master and the ParaView superbuild is now working nicely with the clean-up that @ben.boeckel did. If you go to the ParaView download page and select the nightly installers dated today you can install development versions of ParaView that have the OpenVDB writer available.

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I had the point data exporting to .vdb format in PV,then I import it to Blender which only support voxel data.So the point data can’t be imported to Blender.
Is there a way to convert vdb point data to voxel data?

Can you share your dataset that you’re trying to write out into the VDB format and your VDB file?

The VDB writer should work better for vtkImageData than for the other data set types. You have a vtkUnstructuredGrid, though it looks like it could have been stored as a vtkImageData which is more efficient. You can use the Resample to Image filter to convert your data to an image data and may get better results from the VDB writer.

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