OpenVR Collaboration

We are using OpenVR plugin to realize multi person collaborative operation. In the process of using it, I have several questions.

We use pvserver.exe --multi-clients realizes the synchronization of the same scene on two workstations, which is very fast under the LAN. Then, OpenVR plugin and Oculus Rift S are used to start the collaborative operation in the VR environment (HTC Vive Pro is also tested ), but this cannot be connected to vrserver kitware. com, so can we set up our own server under the LAN instead of vrserver kitware. com and how to?

When we switch to the internet, using pvserver.exe – multi-clients connection is slow, while OpenVR plugin can connect to vrserver kitware. com, we found that when we use Grab and Pick to move the model in the scene, other people in the scene can’t see the model moving. In addition, after the buttons of Show Floor and Distance Widget on UI openvrcontrols are triggered, only the operator can observe the floor and distance message, but others can’t. What I understand about multi person collaboration is that everyone can see the operations completed by any other person in the same scene, but we only observe the synchronization effect of sectioning, attributes such as color, texture and transparency. These operations that can be observed by everyone are great. However, some functions can only be observed by the operator after triggering. What additional settings are needed to synchronize the translation, rotation and other operations of the model on different workstations in the VR environment.
The version of ParaView we use is 5.9.0.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

I’m afraid “multi-clients” collaboration and “vr” collaboration have nothing in common.

@martink and @Tiffany_Chhim may know more.