OpenVR Interaction

Dear All,
ParaViewVR works really nice, but I have three minor questions concerning the controls. Say I have a visualization with two iso-surfaces, a slice and some volume rendering. If I am in grab mode, I can often not precisely grab a certain object. Even though the control is immersed in the volume rendered representation, the iso-surface is selected, and so on. Is there a secret to do it?
And also, is there a possibility that all objects snap together automatically, after I have grabbed and inspected them more closely?
And the last question concerns the selection of variables. I only see a minor subset of variables to choose from, only the ones that are currently in the scene, but not the others. Can this be changed?
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@martink any thoughts?

I had the same issues. I have found that I can only select the CFD results data and move that, but not the actual geometry of the scene. Is there a way for all parts of the scene to be snapped together to move in unison?

Hi Daniel,
thanks for the reply.
Have you ever built ParaView and OpenVR under Linux? I have another thread here, and Cory mentioned your name. Steam and SteamVR work fine under Ubunto 16.04, I can also build and run ParaView with the OpenVR Extension, but when doing so, I get the message that a library is missing. I put libopenvr … in the path and even copied it into the lib folder of ParaView, but the result is unfortunately the same.
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Hey Niklas,
Thanks for your reply. No, I have not built this under Linux, and our corporate machines are not offered with any Linux OS. We are pretty strictly tethered to Windows 10.

Anyway, I don’t believe that it’s an error, or that any library is missing. The issue I am facing is that using the controllers, I can grab onto CFD streamlines that are placed in the scene, but I cannot grab onto the scene geometry. I’d be interested to hear if and when ParaView plans to release functionality to be able to grab onto geometry within the scene.

Thank you!

Hi Daniel,
thanks for the answer. Regarding the interaction, I’ve also written Ken directly, and I think its an open issue. Would be great to have the possibility to snap all objects together and interact with them as a whole. The slicing also does not affect any volume rendered objects yet. I am sure that they are working on this, and just thought maybe I haven’t found that magic switch. :wink:
And Regarding the Linux thing: Sorry, I got your name mixed up. I asked for help in another thread regarding building and running OpenVR under Linux (OpenVR under Linux) and I was to quick to read Cory’s answer there, and thought that the person he suggested to ask would be you. Sorry for this.
Are you building ParaView and OpenVR under Windows10 yourself, or are you using the pre compiled VR binary?

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with mixed windows virtual reality and using OpenVR in ParaView. I can check my CAD file with the desktop menu but I cannot go through inside the geometry. Does dose anyone know how to set that?

Hi Arghavan,
what’s vr devices are you using, you can use controller to go inside geometry, take HTC vive for example,
you can press forward/backward to go inside you 3D object: