OpenVR Pause and Grab

Dear all,

Hello, I am conducting research on rendering blood velocity vectors onto magnetic resonance imaging movies in VR. I recently started using ParaView with the OpenVR plugin and have been blown away by its performance! I have two issues I would really appreciate the community’s feedback/help on:

  1. In the OpenVR/Vive interface, I see no obvious way to pause any animations initiated on my desktop–is there a way to enable this? It would be amazing to be able to pause and hone in on potentially pathological flow patterns/anatomy…

  2. More open-ended, but as has been pointed out by the community in previous posts, the HTC vive controllers in ‘Grab’ mode appear to separate the velocity glyphs from their co-registered geometry, e.g. heart chambers. After playing with the interface, it appears that the ‘Group’ filter kind of remedies this problem. However, it seems that the Multi-block datasets resulting from grouping a glyph (the velocity) and a set of unstructured points (the anatomy) only support one colormap at a time? I would ideally like to have the anatomy in grayscale and the glyphs in a rainbow colormap, while remaining in a grouped multi-block dataset. Is there any way to do this?

Thank you all in advance, I’m really excited to see what ParaView can do here! Please let me know if you need more information…



I am planning on adding VCR controls to the VR panel so that you can control animation without going back to the desktop.

In terms of grabbing I have no plans. The idea of a reset has been mentioned but not a grouping concept that I know of.

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Hello Ken and Mathieu,

Thank you very much for the quick reply! It is very exciting to hear about the upcoming VCR capabilities. For the grab, I think I probably mangled the explanation and apologize for that. To reframe it:

In my setting, ‘Grab’ does actually work when two objects are grouped via the ‘Group’ filter and the controls are really nice, almost Iron Man-esque. The issue is really with the display–it seems like once grouped, there is only one colormap allowed. I would ideally like to display the anatomy in one colormap and the glyphs in a second colormap, e.g. grayscale and rainbow. As it currently stands, I can co-display anatomy and glyphs either all in grayscale or all in rainbow. Is there a way to get around this?

Thank you!