OpenVR under Linux

Dear All,
I’d like to use ParaView and OpenVR under Linux, if possible. I’ve downloaded and compiled 5.5.2 with OpenVR support. It compiles and runs, but when Enabling VR (Send to OpenVR) I get the error message:

vtkOpenVRRenderWindow (0x45762a0): VR_Init FailedUnable to init VR runtime: vrclient Shared Lib Not Found (102)

Steam and SteamVR are both running and working, and I’ve included in the path yet I still get that message. Looking at the libs that the Windows VR binary ships out, there are no other libs included. Has anybody experience running ParaView OpenVR under Linux, or knows which libraries might be missing?

Thanks and Cheers,

@dcthomp Did you have this working on linux at some point?