Operations duplicated when running python script


I’ve written a python script to do basic post-processing (i.e. extracting a surface) via the tracing method. When I run it I have no problems and the surface gets extracted correctly (i.e. clip2 in this case) but when I try to unhide clip2 all the operations in the pipeline are repeated (Clip - CleantoGrid1 - ExtractSurface1 - Clip2 ) and given that the CleantoGrid1 procedure is very slow in my case, I want to avoid this. How I can accomplish that (i.e. creating Clip2 and when unhiding it I don’t want ParaView to do all the previous filters in the pipeline again - (Clip - CleantoGrid1 - ExtractSurface1 - Clip2 )


Hi @Frankx9

Could you share your script ?


I’m unable to reproduce, please provide precise steps to reproduce.