Operations on frames - linear combination and envelope


I’ve found a way to sum results from 2 data sets: Results superposition

But is it possible to do the same when there’s a single data set containing multiple frames (selected as Time) ?

Also, is there a way to obtain min/max envelope from multiple frames ? What I mean is that the resulting contour plot should contain only minimum or maximum values over all frames for each point. So, for example, if we assume the following simple data:

  • point 1:
    frame 1: U = 20
    frame 2: U = 5
    frame 3: U = 35
    frame 4: U = 2

  • point 2:
    frame 1: U = 45
    frame 2: U = 30
    frame 3: U = 10
    frame 4: U = 50

and a goal of finding maximum values then the resulting contour plot should show:

  • point 1: U = 35
  • point 2: U = 50

Possibly with a way to find out which frame contained that min/max value for a given point by creating a contour plot of frame numbers.

It seems that the Temporal Statistics filter does exactly this. But is it possible to create a contour plot of frame indices as described above ?

And what about summing results from multiple frame (not multiple data sets) ?

I think that I’ve found this one too - apparently, the Temporal Array Operator filter can do this.