Optimal file format for complex 3D vector field


I’m currently working on a Matlab based electromagnetic code and wondering how to save this stuff to visualize properly in Paraview.

  • My geometry consists out of 3D nodes and lines which connects this nodes.

  • FieldData

    • every node has a complex value

    • every line-element has a complex value

    • Additionally to this values I want to save point-clouds (polyvertex?)

      • on every point I want to save complex 3D vector-fields (different fields)

Which file-format is suitable for this requirement. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a suitable reader which can handle complex values that well.

Is it possible to save all the field data for different frequency-points.

Greetings and Thanks for your help

Looks like a standard polydata for me.

matlab should let you save these as .vtk or a .vtp file.