Optimization of the display function

Good morning, i have a question regarding a coomand used in python to show data in view:

show data in view

casefoamDisplay = Show(casefoam, renderView1, 'GeometryRepresentation')

This command is taking around 10 minutes to execute when i run my code, moreover, when i try to display the extract blocks, take a while as well.

Do you know how to optimize it, a different command or domething to make it faster?.

Well, we do not have an explicitly “slow” method and a “quick” one. So one need to investigate what exactly is long in your case.

In fact, different things occurs behind the Show:

  1. update the whole upstream pipeline (if needed). In a script case, the first Show will trigger the reader for instance.
  2. create the Representation object, i.e. prepare data for rendering. With GeometryRepresentation, it extracts the external surface of the mesh, create a default colormap, etc…

The 1. can also be done with UpdatePipeline, so you can see which part is long.

For more timing details, you look at the execution logger. See --log and --verbosity option of paraview / pvpython. In the interface, go to Tools / Log viewer.

For instance

./bin/pvpython --log=output.log,TRACE

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