Option to Hide File Formats in Open Dialog?

Is there an option in the preferences (or elsewhere) that allows me to hide file types in the “Open File…” dialog that I will never use? Sorry if I’m overlooking it, but nothing obvious is apparent.

There are lots of supported file types (a good thing), but the many I don’t use get in the way of selecting the few that I do. If I could hide those I don’t use, it would make the drop-down menu much more functional for me.

This is not supported by ParaView (yet), you will need to build your own ParaView based application to do that.

Does this suggest such a capability is on the way? If not, is this a reasonable enhancement request?

It is not on the way. It is reasonable as long as it is in the advanced settings imo.
Feel free to open an feature request issue. This not a very small one and will probably require funding to go ahead.

You should be able to just select the files you want to load without selecting the file type. Does that not work?

Good question. Yes, what you describe works as expected. The situation arises when I have multiple output files of different types in the same directory. Downselecting to the type I want is what can be frustrating, particularly if I need to scroll toward the bottom of the format choices.