Optix supports in headless machine

Hi Paraview,
I am using Paraview with OptiX ray tracing.
My development environment is Docker container built in machine with GPU.
But I found in Paraview version 5.11.1 and 5.11.2 for headless machines, there isn’t OptiX library, while version 5.9 has it.
Just wondering does latest Paraview support OptiX in headless machines?

Indeed, it seems to not be enabled in our packaging.

FYI @ben.boeckel

understood, thanks for your confirmation Mathieu.

Seems worth enabling. Tracking down where it got disabled would be handy as well…

Hi Ben,
Sorry that I don’t get it.
What do you need me to track?

I’ve been looking at this in ParaView 5.9.1 and I do not understand why it would be present in ParaView 5.9.1. I tried locally and it does require explicit enabling but is NOT enabled in our 5.9.1 CI.

I’d say that it was never intentionnaly enabled in our EGL binary and somehow got it for some reasons.

In any case, we should just try to enable visrtx in the CI and see how it goes.

Also briefly check Paraview 5.10.1, neither does it have Optix library.
Is there any method of using Optix in headless machine with Paraview 5.11?

As I stated, it should be enabled and tested, you can contribute to it if you want:


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You’ll need rebuild paraview and enable these components for Nvidia Optix:

You can also add for Nvidia Index