orient custom glyph

Hi everyone,

when I am using the custom glyph orient option, the objects are not only rotating but are also moving. I am guessing that they are oriented along a certain axis and that is why they are moving. However, I would like that those objects are moving along their own centroids. The number of objects is quite large and I cannot do such a thing one by one. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Thank you very much

You need to center your glyph geometry on their centroid before using them.

Thanks a lot for your help. Indeed, that was the issue.
My mistake was in the saving of the file. I was creating the STL file in SOLIDWORKS but apparently, when you save it, the software automatically moves it to the positive space. So, I should have checked a box that the software does not move the geometry and keep the coordinate as it is.

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