Orientation Axes / Element Axes (glyphs) Synch. Issue

Greetings - I am running pvbatch to produce some simple plots of shell element local axes (3-glyphs) on a non-structured planar mesh (z=0). My batch file gets the orientation axes / glyphs axes alignment correct on the isometric view, but it’s wrong on the plan view. vtkOpenGLRender is delivering this error after the “Update()” statement (applied to RenderView object) which ends the sequence of camera parameter statements for the plan view:

Warning: In E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\ParaView-5.6.0p1-7bafc2be_SRC\VTK\Rendering\Core\vtkRenderer.cxx, line 1154
vtkOpenGLRenderer (0000026D3EDC8B40): Resetting view-up since view plane normal is parallel

Would anyone have an idea how to resolve this? I am using a build of ParaView5.6 which includes the MED file reader of Salome 19.0.3 and I need this MED reader with ParaView as the pvbatch is not supported with the Salome distro. (ParaVis).

I have a little theory that since my mesh normal is aligned with my camera view vector that there are an infinite number of displays which are valid for the parameters I actually supplied. So I wonder if I just need to introduce some offset from perfect alignment and then maybe everything works as I expect? OR is there something else happening?

I am a dilettante - aimed at a particular functional outcome - I did not do the re-build mentioned and my programming and python experience is quite limited (virtually none compared to most on here). If you are kind enough to help, I would appreciate very much your explicit guidance if possible.

This is solved (but perhaps not fully-understood!)

Update: I was setting RenderView.CameraViewUp([X,Y,Z]) without understanding the attribute (here “RenderView” is a proxy label for my render view object) . The .CameraViewUp attribute is the direction vector of the “UP” on the screen that you see or plot. What was happening is I was specifying “[0.0, 0.0, 1.0]” for “[X, Y, Z]”. This aligned the .CameraViewUp() with the normal of my plate model, which meant that I would be looking at the side of the model. This was not compatible with the .CameraPosition() or other attributes I had set and so I got the error and the wrong plot for the plan view. I made some changes, namely from the above to “[0.0, 1.0, 0.0]” which put the model Y axis aligned with the .CameraViewUP which has ensured there is no error from vtkOpenGLRenderer any longer.

Incidentally - my script is running in pvbatch.exe on Windows 10, 64bit in a build of ParaView5.6 by Simulease which includes a .MED file reader (for Salome-Meca).