OS Error with undefined symbol in MeshReader_SM.so

Dear All,

I am working with OpenFOAM v5 and I am trying to automate the simulations based on input request provided to flask.

For this purpose, I have created a python file for flask and have provided the OpenFOAM function which needs to run by using pvpython. Manually, only with python it will run perfectly without any error.

But, with flask when I run the python file, I am getting this below error:

OSError: /opt/openfoam5/platforms/linux64GccDPInt32Opt/lib/paraview-5.4/libPVblockMeshReader_SM.so: undefined symbol: _ZN12pqRenderView16staticMetaObjectE

I tried looking at similar post where the solution was mentioned as to work with LD_Preload as:

LD_PRELOAD=/opt/OpenFOAM/paraviewopenfoam54/lib/paraview-5.4/libvtkpqCore-pv5.4.1.so.1 /opt/OpenFOAM/paraviewopenfoam54/bin/pvpython

But it gives the following error from LD_Preload:

ERROR: ld.so: object '/opt/paraviewopenfoam54/lib/paraview-5.4/libvtkpqCore-pv5.4.1.so.1' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.

How to overcome this error.?


Sunag R A.

Not a ParaView issue, ask on OpenFOAM forums.