Oscillatory Shear Index (OSI)

very kind readers,
I have a 3D geometry (aorta) where I must to calculate the OSI index. The time integrals of Wall Shear Stress must be evaluated for the calculation.
How can I calculate with Paraview these integrals? Is it possible?

Hi, have you found any solution for this matter? We got the same problem with the same kind of geometry.
Thank you, let us know
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I believe no one has responded to this question because no one watching this ParaView list knows what OSI is or how to calculate it (that is certainly the case for me), and there is not enough detail in the question to answer it.

It would help to ask a more targeted question. I note that the original question asked about time integrals of wall shear stress. It would help to understand what exactly is meant about a time integral (a summation of field values over time?) and examples of the data being operated on.

Because I don’t know what OSI is, I Googled it a bit. I ran across a paper (DOI 10.33160/yam.2020.11.013) that reports computing OSI with ParaView. So, this certainly seems possible. I don’t see enough detail in the paper to completely replicate the process. It might be possible to reach out to the authors to get more detail if necessary.