OSPRay crash on startup.

I am having OSPRay/ possible VisRTD crashes on a new workstation. This is Linux. ParaView 5.9.0, paraview.org download. Crashes on initial startup.

This issue does disappear when using the disable Catalyst and VisRTD environment variables.

Would it be possible to enable OSPRay/ VisRTD when used, rather than initial startup?

Dave, email me directly if you want more specific information on this machine.



VisRTX 0.1.6, using devices:
0: GRID V100S-4Q (Total: 4.3 GB, Available: 3.1 GB)

Loguru caught a signal: SIGABRT

18 0x7f96b5ca597b vtkSMSessionProxyManager::NewProxy(char const*, char const*, char const*) + 203
17 0x7f96b5ca56d1 vtkSMSessionProxyManager::NewProxy(vtkPVXMLElement*, char const*, char const*, char const*) + 369
16 0x7f96abcd7315 vtkSMViewProxy::ReadXMLAttributes(vtkSMSessionProxyManager*, vtkPVXMLElement*) + 21
15 0x7f96b5c6639a vtkSMProxy::ReadXMLAttributes(vtkSMSessionProxyManager*, vtkPVXMLElement*) + 666
14 0x7f96b5c67e77 vtkSMProxy::CreateSubProxiesAndProperties(vtkSMSessionProxyManager*, vtkPVXMLElement*) + 343
13 0x7f96b5c65b2e vtkSMProxy::NewProperty(char const*, vtkPVXMLElement*) + 462
12 0x7f96b5cd8409 vtkSMStringVectorProperty::ReadXMLAttributes(vtkSMProxy*, vtkPVXMLElement*) + 25
11 0x7f96b5ce3497 vtkSMVectorProperty::ReadXMLAttributes(vtkSMProxy*, vtkPVXMLElement*) + 23
10 0x7f96b5c508e4 vtkSMProperty::ReadXMLAttributes(vtkSMProxy*, vtkPVXMLElement*) + 6708
9 0x7f96abc940ae vtkSMRendererDomain::ReadXMLAttributes(vtkSMProperty*, vtkPVXMLElement*) + 30
8 0x7f96abc93c4b vtkSMRendererDomain::Update(vtkSMProperty*) + 43
7 0x7f96aa84d948 vtkOSPRayPass::IsBackendAvailable(char const*) + 24
6 0x7f96aa81c97f /projects/viz/paraview/ParaView/5.9.0-kw/Linux-cee-rhel7-x86_64/bin/…/lib/libvtkRenderingRayTracing-pv5.9.so.1(+0x2097f) [0x7f96aa81c97f]
5 0x7f96aa37e1e3 ospInit + 4067
4 0x7f964b9bdcf1 ospray::api::ISPCDevice::commit() + 145
3 0x7f964b4d2864 ISPCDevice_programCount + 52
2 0x7f96b9451a68 abort + 328
1 0x7f96b9450377 gsignal + 55
0 0x7f96b94503f0 /lib64/libc.so.6(+0x363f0) [0x7f96b94503f0]
( 3.615s) [paraview ] :0 FATL| Signal: SIGABRT
error: exception occurred: Child aborted


Were you using the following


Or the one in the doc? Those needs to be fixed. @vbolea

Yep, the environmental variable list in the docs was outdated, it was recently updated in master, unfortunately it did not come with the 5.9 release.

I think that Alan was not referring about the env vars not working rather than only initialize those backend when we use them, not when we start ParaView.

I spent sometime in that part of VTK, IMO lazy initialization sounds like a good solution for this, we can survey to see if its possible.

Vicente, you are correct. The environment vars work as advertised. BEFORE setting the environment vars, ParaView should not crash on startup.

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Yes Alan, please do pass along more info to help me diagnose. It would also help to know if 5.8.x starts up and if enabling ray tracing works there. Furthermore it would be good to see if the nightly build crashes on startup. Ben added a change there to avoid the problem in another way. If that doesn’t work I’ll submit an MR to construct the vtkOSPRayPass on demand as you suggest. It should be as simple as changing the vtkNew in vtkPVRenderView to a smartpointer that is assigned on first use.

Ben’s change is mac specific, so it is unlikely to help, I’ll work on the patch.


I still have this issue on a specific machine: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview-superbuild/-/issues/201