ospray module error in PyCharm when loading ParaView API

I have a question reagrding the ospray module (ParaView 5.10.1). We developed an applicacation using ParaView API to generate visualization of CFD simulation carried out before. Whenever the API is started from this application following errors appear in PyCharm IDE:
#ospray: INVALID device - → could not open module lib ospray_module_ispc: module not found
#ospray: INVALID device - → null handle provided to ospDeviceSetErrorCallback

The errors do not seem to cause any problems when working with the application. Anyway, I would be interested in the origin of those messages and, if possible, sort them out.

Thanks in advance

Is this macOS? If so, this was fixed in newer OSPRay (but has not landed in a ParaView release binary). If it is Linux, you can set LD_LIBRARY_PATH before loading ParaView. See this OSPRay issue.

Hi Ben,
thanks for your reply and sorry for my late reaction. We are working on Windows so neither of the two soultions matches our problem.
Is this issue sorted out with later ParaView releases for Windows as it is for MacOS?
Thanks in advance

Maybe? OSPRay 3 has changed a bit though we haven’t upgraded to that version just yet. But maybe it’s been fixed? Worth a try for sure (as 5.10 isn’t going to get a fix today anyways).