Output contour of a certain area

Hello, I want to output contour in a certain region, such as (-1,1)(-1,1), and the whole region is (-10,10)(-10,10). How can I get this? Thanks a lot.

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You can use the Clip filter to get the portion of data within a region of space. Just change the Clip Type from Plane to Box.

I suggest doing the Contour first and then applying the Clip. The reverse order will work, too, but it will probably be less efficient.

Thanks for your replay.

But I can’t export the image which in the clip box. I don’t to export data, but I want output the contour image in the clip box.

And could you tell me how to get the pressure coefficient over the cylinder surface for some details?

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If you want to save image rather than data, then use Fileimage Save Screenshot.

Unfortunately, you cannot specify a region of space to specifically write out as an image. You will have to position the camera to view the space you want to write out as an image. Using Clip can help place the camera in the right place.

The “pressure coefficient” part sounds like a completely different question. Could you start a new topic on discourse for that?

When you do, please provide more information. What cylinder? What is your data? What fields in your data can be used to compute the pressure coefficient?

Thanks a lot for your help. Okey, I have started a new topic.

Thanks again.

One way to get the “save screenshot” for just the area you are looking for is to use system tools. For instance, on a Mac it’s the command key + shift + 4. On Windows I always use the snipping tool. Linux has their flavor of tool, I forget the name. Or, as Ken says, just zoom into the data you are looking for.