output the flow data at the boundary layer edge

Hey all,

I am working on a Python script which should automatically read in a calculated Openfoam case (wing profile) via paraview and output the flow data at the boundary layer edge for further data manipulation.

My plan is first to filter the stagnation points (e.g. via the flow velocity) and to use these points as seed source for Stream Tracer (Stream Tracer with Custon Source). Wall normals are then generated at the wall streamlines. Since I know the velocity of the fluid in the free flow, I can filter for this velocity on the wall normal and then theoretically get the boundary layer thickness I am looking for. The flow data is then read out and exported at these points.

The whole process is repeated for all seed points. The problem is that this leads to a large computational effort and that the stream tracers do not recognize the outlet automatically.

Is there a good alternative to read out the values at the boundary layer edge?

Is it possible to use the lagrangian particle tracer instead of the stream tracer? Unfortunately I can’t find python commands for this in ParaView’s Python documentation! — ParaView/Python 5.11.0-RC2-344-g93eed5a38f documentation