Outstanding performance of paraview zip

I use paraview zip for visualization purpose and paraview project built from soure for paraview-brand application development. Obviously the former peforms well in efficiency, so it could play animation smoothly, which is really bad in my custom app.

I want some tips on improving efficiency of my app.



Make sure your build is a “Release” build. Debug builds are notoriously slow. How to ensure a release build depends on the build system you are using. For ninja/make/nmake, you set CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to Release or RelWithDebInfo. IDEs like Visual Studio have their own mechanisms for picking the build type.

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Thanks a lot, now my app performs just as well as paraview. And I have another question here, currently my app still depends on paraview’s libraries(dlls) so I have to copy my exe to paraview’s directories where all the dependencies are located in order to run.
I wonder if I could embed all the dependencies into my exe program for more portability?

Thanks again!