Overlay configuration at two different time steps

Hi Everyone,
I wish to overlay the configuration of my analysis at the first and the last time steps for depicting the total deformation pictorially.

Could anyone please help with this!

Thanks with regards,

Try turning off displacmenets, then use the warp by vector filter? Show both the original, plus warp by vector filter?

Do you mean you want to show the data for the first and last time step at the same time? There are a couple ways to do that.

The first way is to add the Force Time filter. Set the Forced Time value to the initial time value or something before it (usually 0). Then, select the input in the pipeline browser again and add another Force Time filter. Now set the Forced Time value to the final time value (often the same as the last time index, but not always). With both Force Time filters visible, you can show both time steps at the same time.

The second way is to use the Extract Time Steps filter to remove all time steps except the first and last time steps. After that you can use the Group Time Steps filter to create a multiblock dataset containing data from all the time steps (which the previous filter limited to the first and last ones).

Yes, that’s helpful. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your wonderful advice :slight_smile:

Thanks Ken. Yours is the better answer.