Packaging Paraview superbuild with custom python packages

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to build a paraview distribution package that includes some python modules, e.g. pydicom, nutils. How should I configure the cmake?

I followed the instructions on gitlab page, but it seems it only support certain python packages. I tried ENABLE_xxx (in my case for example ENABLE_nutils) in the camke configuration, it didn’t work.

@mwestphal @ben.boeckel Could anyone share some lights on this? Huge thanks.

Hi @jjw

You need to fork/submodule the superbuild in order to introduce your own python projects so they can be packaged.


Python packages that get packaged are listed in paraview.bundle.common.cmake. You’ll need to add your module/package to that list along with the project name that provides it.

check_for_python_module(superbuild_project_name python_package_name)