Paraview 5.1.4 on Ubuntu 18 becomes unresponsive

— Running paraview 5.1.4 in virtualbox with Windows 10 host and Ubuntu 18 guest.

The paraview installation starts to become unresponsive after a few minutes of using it. Doing the same things as usual - open some pvd/vtu files and investigate them. Once paraview doesn’t respond anymore, I wait for a while, then attempt to close paraview. A message appears if I want to force quit or wait, and both options result in the virtual box completely shutting down. As it shuts down, the following windows error message appears: Instruction at 0x0000000000 referenced memory at 0x0000000000 The memory could not be read.

I tried to uninstall reinstall paraview (sudo apt-get install paraview), the problem remains. Any ideas what might be going wrong?

Marc, welcome to the ParaView community!

Although I have no idea at all about this issue, may I suggest a newer version of ParaView? We are now at 5.7.0. 5.1.4 was released many, many moons ago! You can get the newest/ latest/ greatest at

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Thanks Walter! As I understand it, the supported version of paraview for ubuntu 18 is 5.1.4, a newer version might cause trouble with dependencies. So I’d have to upgrade to ubuntu 19, which I don’t want to do yet for some reasons that I don’t want to bore you with. I will see if I find another way and if not, then I will go for it. Many thanks!

Just download 5.7.0 into a sandbox area, untar it, and try to run it. It should be standalone, further, should not need to be installed…

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Cool, I’ll give that a try, many thanks!