ParaView 5.10.0 Build Folder and Installation Folder

Hi all,

I have tried VTK and now moving on… I have finished installing ParaView 5.10.0.
I want to ask, whether I can delete the src file(the downloaded Paraview from the website that I have extracted) and the build folder that I have made to build the src with ‘ccmake’?

Hi Freya the Goddess, welcome to the ParaView community! I want to mention that you have the most spectacular name here. Well done.

Yes, you can delete the src directory.

In theory, yes, you can delete the build directory (assuming you didn’t do your install into this directory). Note that on a few custers this has broken ParaView, and is a bug. I have not gotten time to write it up. Thus, first move the build, rather than deleting it.

Hi Walter Alan Scott,

thanks for that, actually ever since I played Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria ( I am a PlayStation gamer since Crash Team Racing era), I am a biggest fans of Freya the Goddess. That explains a lot. Always child at heart so I use this account and gmail.

I can try to move the build folder then. I feel safe to delete src, but build folder has some issues. I use Linux OS.

ParaView is really awesome. It is a great software. I adore the developer as well. You make it into open source instead of commercial one.

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Yeah, you are the one with the most spectacular name here Freya The Goddess !