Paraview 5.10.1 support for nastran

I got some old Nastran files in Paraview forum and tried to follow the same procedure as mentioned in the below image(Ref image attached below)

I am using Paraview version 5.10.1 and not able to get stresses and also noticed frequent file crashing issue.
I am getting data in two different window screens as shown in the below image.

Kindly find the attached ref files.
KP_sol_Elem.csv (30 KB)
KP-000.nas (83.0 KB)
Suggest a way to combine both the data and get Stress data on surface?

Thanks in advance.


The problem seems to be that the first entry in the header of KP_sol_Elem.csv is empty. Modifying the header as follows seems to work:

,"Plate Top MajorPrn Stress",...

id,"Plate Top MajorPrn Stress",...