ParaView 5.10: Clip Filter Hide Widget not working after active another view in same layout

To reproduce:

  1. load a poly mesh, show it in a RenderView(view 1)

  2. Filter-> Clip → Apply

  3. Uncheck “Show Plane” in Properties Panel:

  4. split current layout horizontal, Chose RenderView(view 2)

  5. now if you try to change view position in view 1, plane will appear and Show Plane option no longer working.

  6. To make Show Plane working again, your can delete clip filter and create a new one, but never try to active other view in same layout.

I am not able to reproduce the issue on master.

I think @timothee.chabat fixed that recently

I’m not able to reproduce on ParaView 5.10.1 on Linux either.

I did make some changes on interactive widgets between ParaView 5.10 and master but they shoudn’t be related

I Have test 5.10.1, it fixed and I will update to 5.10.1:)


For better explaining to someone else may enconter this issue later, i record a gif:


Thanks for following up!