Paraview 5.10 immediately crashes when loading NVIDIA IndeX plugin

Using Paraview 5.10, I connect to a remote pvserver via a localhost ssh tunnel to the remote cluster node. I then try to load the pvNVIDIAIndeX plugin from the ‘remote plugins’ list, click ‘load selected’, and the client immediately crashes.

Loading the plugin from the ‘local plugins’ list does not cause a crash.

Load it locally before loading it remotely.

This is an issue though, could you open it on our gitlab ?

It works fine for me on a Windows client using a remote Linux server. Which platforms do you use?

Archlinux, 5.10.0 linux binary release, client and server on the same machine.

I’ve opened an issue. I’m running the client on macOS and the server on Linux, as I’ve noted in the gitlab issue.

Link to gitlab issue:

The client side prints this error before crashing:

vtkSIProxy.cxx:422 ERR| vtkSIProxy (0x5631e2566600): Failed to create ‘vtknvindex_global_settings’. This typically means that ParaView does not know about the request class to create an instance of if. Ensure that it has been correctly wrapped using the client-server wrappers and the wrapping has been initialized. Note class names are case-sensitive. Check for typos. Aborting for debugging purposes.

This is related to the NVIDIA IndeX tab in the Setting dialog, which is new in ParaView 5.10.

However, it looks to me that vtknvindex_global_settings is already wrapped and the wrapper initialized, at least I see the relevant wrapper code generated by the build process. So I don’t yet understand what would trigger this error.