Paraview 5.10 R2 crashes while using table to points in windowds

Hi all,
Each time I click on the table to points function the software crashes and closes immediately. I open a simple csv file only one row of the parameters and rest is only numbers. Do you have an idea what should I do?

Welcome to ParaView @Arg70!

Would it be possible to post a portion of the CSV file here? Just the first row and a few rows of data?

Thank you for your instant reply, here is the file:
test_paraview.xlsx (9.9 KB)

That’s an Excel file, which ParaView doesn’t open.

sorry While cutting data I saved it as xls, here is the csv file.
test_paraview.csv (3.3 KB)

This data is very strange. It looks like this:


Removing the quotation marks through the file, is one thing I had to do. There are also a few bytes at the start of the file that should be removed (before the ‘x’ character), and the trailing command should be removed from each line. After doing all that, I was able to load the file in ParaView and apply the Table to Points filter to it.

Here’s the modified file that loaded successfully in ParaView:
test_paraview.csv (3.1 KB)