paraview 5.11.0 osmesa takes long time to connect (after "Client connected" on remote)

I am able to connect using client-server mode to remote machine,
but the connection seems delayed no matter what timeout setting I use.
It says Client connected on remote machine but the local one
takes 90secs before the window becomes functional…


Hi @garcfd

Please precise which version of ParaView you are using as well as exacts steps to reproduce.


OK thanks Matt - here goes…

starting ParaView-5.11.0-osmesa/bin/pvserver on remote (Linux) machine
so its says “Waiting for client…”

starting ParaView-5.11.0 on my windows (laptop or workstation)
press connect button (top left)
press Connect again (in sever configuration window)
then immediately on remote machine it says that its connected.
BUT in local windows machine the window is grey and there is no conection for about 90 seconds. When its connected it works fine. Its just about the long time delay that is the issue.

Thanks Giles.

Hi @garcfd ,

This sounds like the issue we currently have with ospray materials being transferred to the server:

It has not been adressed yet.

any way user can prevent that “ospray materials being transferred”?

Apart from building ParaView yourself without ospraymaterials, not much.