Paraview 5.11.0-RC2 does not recognize time input data from csv files


I have updated to Paraview 5.11.0-RC2 and a bug has occurred since.
When I open input data of the format col-cds000XXXXX.csv such as here: (3.6 MB)

Instead of recognizing each file as an iteration at a specific time, Paraview opens all the files independantly like so:

Screenshot from 2022-10-26 11-53-49

Notice that it works fine with the vtk

Is there maybe some settings for that ?


For me on macOS, ParaView 5.11.0-RC2 recognizes the .csv files as a group as well:


Do you see the above in your file dialog? If so, click on the group col-cds..csv and not individual files in the grouping.

I’m unable to reproduce on rc1 or rc2 on linux.