Paraview 5.11.1 stuck on establishing connection when connecting to pvserver

I’m trying to connect to pvserver on a remote machine using ssh portforwarding to local machine. I was able to use it with Paraview 5.8.1, but when I use 5.11.1 paraview is stuck in “waiting 60 seconds”. But I can see from pvserver logs that it says “client connected”. I’m running paraview from terminal and I see no retrying or other errors. On pvserver side I use the command “mpiexec pvserver” (mpiexec from paraview package I downloaded). My client is on Ubuntu 22.04.

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Just wait a bit longer, connection can take up to 60 seconds.

It has taken more than 60 seconds and I only killed it after a long time (maybe 5min). It also seems to happen only sometimes. Paraview 5.11.0 or 5.8.1 didn’t seem to take long or never have issues connecting for the same client and server.

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So ParaView stays stuck on the “waiting 60 seconds” for more than 60 seconds, is that correct ?

Yes, I often have to just kill it.

Do you see a “Client connected” in the terminal output of the server ?

Yes. I see client connected message

Do you have any plugin on auto load ? Please try to reset your settings.

I don’t see any plugins autoloading. The only plugin I see loaded is the vtkPVInitialiser plugin. I dont know if this helps but, when I have v5.11.0 as server and v5.11.1 as client. It seems to have no problem using it. The establishing connection dialog box disappears and everything works fine.

when I have v5.11.0 as server and v5.11.1 as client.

This should not work at all. exact same version is required.

It does indeed work, I double checked the client and server versions. I have the logs here for both the cases(v5.11.1tov5.11.1 it fails, v5.11.1tov5.11.0 it works) on client and server side. (695.1 KB)

All minor versions of ParaView, even with different patch numbers, should be able to connect to any other, e.g. 5.10.0 to 5.10.1, 5.11.1 to 5.11.0, and so on. The reason is because the proxy/property interface is not allowed to change in patch versions, hence the client/server protocol generated from that interface is the same.

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@cory.quammen Thank you for clarifying!, any ideas on why v5.11.1 is stuck on connecting dialog box?. I’ve attached logs in the previous comment.

Looking at the code (vtkSocketCommunicator.cxx), here is what I see:

  • Endian check
  • vtkSocketController version check (related to the vtkSocketController logic, not VTK version or ParaView
  • vtkSocketController “hash” check that has not been updated since 2019 (at least)
  • IdType size check

Am I missing a dedicated logic checking actual ParaView version somewhere ?

A handshake string including the major.minor version is created in vtkSMSessionClient::Connect().

I have the same exact problem for ParaView 5.11.1 server. The message box “Waiting for Connection to Server” is new - never used to happen in ParaView 5.10. My server says “Client Connected” immediately, but the client freezes as the message box cannot be closed. @cory.quammen

Solution/Workaround is the same as @vrkssai suggested:
Server 5.11.1 → Clients 5.11.1 or 5.11.0 caused the message box “Establishing connection to …” to show up
Server 5.11.0 → Client 5.11.0 - the message box disappears immediately and I can use it.

Therefore, it seems like a bug introduced with the 5.11.1 server-side code.

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Unfortunate update - while it did work with the base PV 5.11.0 Server, but as soon as I added a TTK patch and a TTK plugin, it stopped working - same “Waiting for Connection to Server” message stuck… I’ve used ParaView 5.10 and TTK 1.10 before many times and never had these problems.

Workaround - use PV 5.11.0 Server → PV 5.11.1 Client - so far this is the only configuration that is working - after a few seconds (like 5-10s) it is possible to close the "Waiting … " message box.
Also, for the best experience if you are using plugins, load the required plugins locally before connecting to the server (Tools → Manage Plugins → …).

but as soon as I added a TTK patch and a TTK plugin, it stopped working

Does it work if you load the plugin after connecting ?

FYI @Charles_Gueunet @julien-tierny

Which TTK patch are you referring to ? Have you tried without the TTK patch (still with the TTK plugin) ?

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