ParaView 5.11 compilation issue on VS2017


I’ve been getting a compilation issue on VS2017 using the tagged 5.11.0 PV release from Gitlab, which was fixed a couple of days ago in the paraview/release branch of VTK:

Now I was wondering, if this issue existed for the tagged version of ParaView, which commit was used to produce the official VS2017 PV 5.11 release on the downloads page?


I dont know why this issue did not arise (maybe an update change some include logic in visual studio includes) but the commit ParaView commit used for the 5.11 release is the one tagged v5.11.0.


Ah right, then I’ll simply adjust the build on my end to account for this, that should be fine. Thanks!

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The binaries are built with Visual Studio 2019, which is binary compatible with 2017, hence the labeling (I think). Actually binary compatibility goes back to 2015, so if that is the labeling logic, we might consider changing that. @ben.boeckel

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@mwestphal These issues arise from time to time because the Kitware build servers use VS2019. Microsoft decided to change the header configuration in their C++ source code between VS2017 and VS2019 so sometimes VTK will compile with VS2019 but requires additional includes for VS2017.

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