ParaView 5.11 vs 5.6

Why ParaView 5.11 is much slower compared to 5.6? For a simple geometry (.obj file) loading case I tried both of them, and 5.6 is much faster.

Hi @Ali_Rahnama

Please share your data.


Hi Mathieu,

It’s a simple macro that reads 5 object file and hides them and shows the first one. Compare it for 5.6 and 5.11 and you’ll notice the difference.

Best, (11.3 KB)

please share the obj files

Here you are,


obj2.obj (36.5 KB)

I have seen this behavior before when configuration files get corrupted. One idea would be to Edit/ Reset to Default Settings…

Another would be to look at Help/ About. Make sure 5.11 and 5.6 are both rendering in hardware (not mesa).

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Unable to reproduce with ParaView 5.11.0 on Linux.

I’ve tried it on linux too. It’s the same. Evene loading one simple object takes longer for 5.11

Thanks, but I haven’t changed the configuration.
So if not rendering in hardware, can I make it ok? I mean can I force it to render in hardware?

Please share Help → About dialog content.

I didn’t say you changed the configuration. I said the configuration files may be corrupt. I would still try Resetting to Default Settings.

And what Mathieu says is spot on - we need the About content.

I have observed the same kind of slowdown on Windows 10 64-bit. ParaView 5.11 is slooow.

Sorry, 5.10 was slow. 5.11 seems to be okay.