Paraview 5.12: Cannot modify the Camera spline path interactively (using the mouse)


In Paraview 5.12 RC2 when I use the Time Manager (View > Time Manager) then I add the Camera to follow a Path, I cannot modify the path of the camera (the spline) interactively (using the mouse). I remember being able to do that in previous versions.

Here is a screenshot:

In the screenshot, the white line is the camera path (it is a circular path), I cannot click on it because the top dialog is activated. When I press on the “OK” button, the path disappears.

Thank you

Indeed, looks like there is a model window that prevent the eddition.

Wdyt @nicolas.vuaille ?

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It is indeed a regression, an issue was opened (

Actually, this was a really small fix, so I did it here:

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Many thanks for the fix.

@nicolas.vuaille Will this fix be available in Paraview 5.12? or 5.13?. I personally wish it will be released in 5.12.


It will be part of 5.12!

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