Paraview 5.12 MacOS build missing paraview.simple.Conduit


Before I attempt to build paraview on MacOS from source, is there any reason why the MacOS build from the download link does not include paraview.simple.Conduit?

I am attempting to connect a paraview client on MacOS with a remote catalyst v2 session and it appears to be failing because paraview.simple.Conduit is missing.



Welcome to ParaView, @jappa !

I’m not sure I understand your question. paraview.simple is a package of mostly functions that ease Python scripting in ParaView, and there is not a Conduit package in it AFAIK.

Are you seeing an error message that you could report?

Hi Cory

This is the error I get from the MacOS client when the catalyst session connects.

ERROR: In vtkSIProxyDefinitionManager.cxx, line 518

vtkSIProxyDefinitionManager (0x6000022cd980): No proxy that matches: group=sources and proxy=Conduit were found.

ERROR: In vtkSMDeserializerXML.cxx, line 42

vtkSMStateLoader (0x600002793870): Could not create a proxy of group: sources type: Conduit

The Linux client seems to have paraview.simple.Conduit installed but I have not been able to test with the Linux client to see if I get the same error.

My MacOS client is connected to a pvserver session before I start the catalyst connection, if that helps.


Does from vtkmodules.vtkIOCatalystConduit import vtkConduitSource work? The module might not be enabled?

Hi Ben

I think you are correct. From the python shell I get

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘vtkmodules.vtkIOCatalystConduit’

Also looking at the paraview-superbuild ci settings it looks like the catalyst project is only enabled on the Linux build so I assume the default MacOS build does not include it.

I will attempt to turn on the catalyst project for my MacOS build and let you know if it works.


Hi Ben

I can confirm if I build on MacOS with -DENABLE_catalyst=ON the MacOS client works as expected and the catalyst session connects correctly.

Can I put in a request that the default MacOS build include catalyst?


I can confirm that catalyst is not enabled in macOS and Windows binary release.

Can I put in a request that the default MacOS build include catalyst?

Of course, you can either open an issue on or, even better, try adding it yourself in the right file and creating a merge request.

See .gitlab/ci/configure_linux_plain.cmake and .gitlab/ci/configure_macos.cmake in the superbuild.

FYI @nicolas.vuaille @Francois_Mazen @Lucas_Givord

I will submit a merge request with the update for MacOS



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