Paraview 5.5.0 on arch linux, Qt include fix

Hello everyone,

I have compiled Paraview 5.5.0 on my freshly installed Arch linux and I had to add some Qt include for the compilation to works:
Here is the complete patch.

  • For my compilation: I used the default options with python3 and the VTK_USE_SYSTEM_HDF5=ON.
  • For my system: it is a Wayland based installation.

Hope it can help,

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Hi Charles,

Did you compiled the ParaView examples as well? Without examples, everything is fine for me. But when I turn the option for building the examples, the build process complains about the “Qt::Qt5X11Extras” that cannot be found to be linked. Any ideas?

p.s. I am using the same version of ParaView like you, but on CentOS 7.


There is a qt5-x11extras packages on Arch which is required for the Paraview build.
Maybe someting like this could help you ?

Well, I installed Qt5 using its online installer tool, and all the make files, libraries, include files, etc of Qt5:X11Extras are installed.


Is the Q5X11Extras_DIR set accordingly in your Paraview build ?

Yes, I checked it and everything seems fine.

@hsalimi : please open you own topic. Your issue is not related to @Charles_Gueunet fix.

Thanks, Charles. I believe most of the missing includes are already addressed in master here.