ParaView 5.6.0 Bug: Objects not appearing [Fixed]

I have installed OpenFOAM v1906 along with ParaView 5.6.0 on Pop OS 18.04 LTS. I followed the instructions mentioned in file in ThirdParty-v1906 directory. I was able to run a simulation using the post compilation steps in:

However, when I executed paraFoam command, the application opened without any text or images. I am attaching some images below for clarity:

The above screenshots were sessions using Nvidia gfx card. The issue also persisted when I restarted Pop OS with integrated gfx card:

I am able to pan, zoom and use the measure tool:

So, I do not think it is a gfx driver issue. Also, I used the third party QT-5.9.3 package for installing Paraview, as mentioned in OpenFoam build documentation. Any guidance to fix this issue is appreciated.

ParaFOAM is distributed by OpenFOAM. I would suggest using ParaView directly.

Thanks for the response. I traced the problem to conflicts between qt4 and qt5 within the system. I had to delete both of them, and reinstalled full qt5.9.5 including qtextras11 and qttools5. Now ParaView with paraFoam works fine.