Paraview 5.6 does not interpolate point data

I have noticed a different behaviour between Paraview 5.6 and 4.4.

radiation_surface_total_shortwave_ssaw-maen-smtwtfs_avg.vtk (36.0 KB)

Have a look at the attached file.

In Paraview 4.4, when I select Miscellaneous -> Triangulate I get this

In Paraview 5.6 I get this

Is there any setting that I am missing?


Your datasets contains duplicated points and the data is located on the cells.
The Triangulate seems to have been improved since ParaView 4.4.

In order to get what you are looking for you need to remove the duplicated points and then interpolate the data on the points.

Here is how to do it :

  • Open your dataset with ParaView
  • Add a “Clean To Grid” filter, Apply
  • Add a “CellData to PointData” filter, Apply

Thanks! It works.