Paraview 5.6 Environment Setup for Windows


I am a new user of Paraview and have a task to set-up Paraview environment for Windows 10. My version of Paraview is 5.6 but instructions that i have seen online for this task is for Paraview 4.2, which refers to the following file paths:


My Paraview installation does not have these folders (please see attached screen shot of my installation path). Kindly advise. Thanks!


Please download the last version of ParaView release and install it.

You should then be able to run ParaView from the Start Menu.

You may also want to remove older version of ParaView that you already installed.

Thanks for the swift response. Sorry for not being clear enough. I am able to run ParaView from Start Menu but my goal ultimately is to be able to start up the ParaView Service Manager, from a Python IDLE such as Spyder (Anaconda). I have read online that this requires adding some ParaView installation paths to my PYTHONPATH. Thanks!