Paraview 5.7.0 crashes on Win10x64

Dear All,

until this time ParaView 5.7.0 worked well on my PC on win 10 x64 with GeForce GTX950. Yesterday I tried to create some vector field from my simulation results and ParaView crashes immediately after starting whitout any error message.

I checked the event log (sorry for the hungarian text but my OS is hungarian):

*A hibát okozó alkalmazás neve: paraview.exe, verzió:, időbélyeg: 0x5d8e34bc*
*A hibát okozó modul neve: ucrtbase.dll, verzió: 10.0.18362.387, időbélyeg: 0x4361b720*
*Kivételkód: 0xc0000409*
*Hiba pozíciója: 0x000000000006db8e*
*A hibát okozó folyamat azonosítója: 0x22f4*
*A hibát okozó alkalmazás indításának időpontja: 0x01d5eda76f1c2d35*
*A hibát okozó alkalmazás elérési útja: D:\Programok\ParaView\ParaView-5.7.0-Windows-Python3.7-msvc2015-64bit\bin\paraview.exe*
*A hibát okozó modul elérési útja: C:\WINDOWS\System32\ucrtbase.dll*
*Jelentés azonosítója: 8853ef77-6d8e-4433-bf8e-f41423136028*
*A hibát okozó csomag teljes neve: *
*A hibát okozó csomag relatív alkalmazásazonosítója:* 

After some searching I installed the 5.8.0 version and the same problem was experienced. Subsequently the NVidia driver was updated to version, but this was not as well a solution.

Please help me, how can I use again the softwe?

Thanks in advance, Feri

Do you have multiple GPU on your computer ?

On the motherboard (ASUS B150M-A) there is an integrated GPU Intel® HD Graphics, but I did not install any driver for this and it is not visible in the device manager.

Can you make sure ParaView starts with the nvidia GPU, not the intel chipset ?

In the NVidia console the GeForce card was maintained to ParaView.

Is any other possibilitiy to check this?

Looks right.

Are you able to run pvpython ?

If so can you (ParaView 5.8.0):

info = GetOpenGLInformation()

When I run pvpython.exe I can write commands, however there are not defined (I think I made it on a wrong way)…

my bad, here is the corrected script :

from paraview.simple import *
info = GetOpenGLInformation()

And you can also try :

from paraview.simple import *

The import worked well, but after the “GetOpenGLInformation()” command I get error and the pvpython immediately closeing…

In case of Show() and Render() I get again the error message.

btw I think the software try to use the NVidia GPU but there is a problem…

Do you have any idea Mathieu?

I just tried with my Optimus laptop and a GeForce 1050, driver 431.53.
It works without any issue.

What is the version of your NVIDIA driver ? You mentioned, but this looks like an intel driver version, not NVIDIA.

Could you try to run ParaView with the intel chipset instead ?

I checked the NVIDIA driver version in device manager:

Maybe there is a conflict with this driver or it is not applicable? Honestly I don’t want to use the intel chipset beacuse it caused problems with other softwares in the past… Because of this was turned off.

On the nvidia control panel, you can click on “System Information” to check.

(“Rendzerinformaciok” in your earlier screenshot)

Maybe 442.50?

442.50 indeed.
It is the last version of the driver.

Could you try ParaView 5.6 ?

Thanks Mathieu,

version 5.6 is working!

Can you try with ParaView 5.7RC4 ?

That would help us diagnose the issue.

@utkarsh.ayachit @cory.quammen : this one may be important.

I just tried ParaView 5.8.0 with 442.50 (GeForce 1050Ti) and had no issues at all.

After last NVIDIA update (driver version 445.87) Paraview 5.8.0 works well.

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