ParaView 5.7.0 from APT does not render results on Ubuntu 20.04, binaries work

When opening any results (including the bundled examples) on ParaView 5.7.0 installed via APT on Ubuntu 20.04, the render view always remains blank. No errors are reported in any way.

Downloading the same version (5.7.0, Python 3.7 variant) from the ParaView website works as expected.

Is this an issue with the distribution packages or with ParaView? My hardware used to work without any issue with older versions (Intel graphics) and more people have the same issue.

I just now submitted a bug in the Ubuntu Bugzilla, but maybe this originates from Debian Science. However, I am not sure what to try next.

It’s probably a Debian/Ubuntu bug. Either way, 5.7 is done, so 5.9 is where any fixes would end up.

I’ve subscribed to that issue in the meantime.

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