Paraview 5.7 Mac Crashing

I am using Paraview 5.7 on the Mac and it reliably crashes when opening the following:

This is the state file:
multiblock_scalar.pvsm (513.6 KB)

which loads the following data: (19.4 KB)

To make it crash, load the state file (with the data bs…pvtu) then try to display the point probe time history.

I think this may have something to do with the fact that some of the numbers in the data files are small i.e. 1.0e-35 (which is my own issue), but this shouldn’t cause Paraview to crash in any case.

I don’t know the underlying cause, but I get a crash when loading this state file and showing the point probe history with the following stack trace:

    #0 0x12bbff1f0 in vtkDataSetAttributes::CopyData(vtkDataSetAttributes*, long long, long long) vtkDataSetAttributes.cxx:817
    #1 0x123a0dd17 in vtkExtractDataArraysOverTime::vtkInternal::AddTimeStepInternal(unsigned int, int, double, vtkDataObject*) vtkExtractDataArraysOverTime.cxx:569
    #2 0x123a0d241 in vtkExtractDataArraysOverTime::vtkInternal::AddTimeStep(int, double, vtkDataObject*) vtkExtractDataArraysOverTime.cxx:320
    #3 0x123a17a2f in vtkExtractDataArraysOverTime::RequestData(vtkInformation*, vtkInformationVector**, vtkInformationVector*) vtkExtractDataArraysOverTime.cxx:777

Well. At least it is reproducible. I read another thread where numbers with a small negative exponent were causing crashes. I replaced everything with an exponent more negative than e-16 and the crash went away. Before I did that I was getting an error:

ERROR: In /Users/kitware/dashboards/buildbot-slave/a64f5607/build/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/IO/XML/vtkXMLUnstructuredDataReader.cxx, line 527
vtkXMLUnstructuredGridReader (0x7ff50e906980): Cannot read points array from Points in piece 0.  The data array in the element may be too short.