ParaView 5.7 RC1: ray tracing seems to cause unexpected behaviours with handle widgets.


I just installed 5.7.0-RC1 and was playing around with it when I noticed the following:
it looks like enabling Ray Tracing causes some funny behaviours with objects that have handles.

For instance, if I have an object and I want to measure it, I’ll use the ruler.

  • without ray tracing, everything works properly, I can drag the line or the ends of the arrow.
  • with ray tracing on, it’s pretty hard to place it as it travels much further than expected and grows like the Hulk:

    I guess there’s no point in having a raytraced ruler but maybe this has other consequences.

Another example is if I apply a transform filter on an object:

  • without ray tracing, I can drag the handles to move the box around.
  • with ray tracing on, the box disappears but I can still drag the invisible box.

Like the Hulk eh? :slight_smile:

Widgets have always been wonky with the ray tracer(s). When implementing them we focused almost exclusively on the output side, glossed over the input, and were surprised to see that they sort of worked.

That said, please file a bug report on gitlab, to keep it in our todo list. It seems like it is just a scaling that is wrong, and that might be an easy fix.