ParaView 5.8.1 - Unable to load in a .dat tecplot file

Hi, I’m having an error loading in a tecplot file from Nasa’s Fun3D. I know that the two warnings can be ignored as they are not supported yet the last error causes the file to not load in the render at all. Its as if the tecplot format it uses is not correct. Attached is the tecplot file that has been spit out by Fun3D. I’m completely stumped. I’ve been trying for a couple days now to fix this. No amount of changing the file fixes the error. “The record type 0.110000000000E+02 found in the file is unknown.” is an error that I have not been able to find any documentation or help for. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

om6inviscid_tec_boundary.dat (234.5 KB)

This is more a workaround than a solution, but ParaView is able to read in TecPlot Binary files (.plt) from Fun3D just fine.

If you remove “, f=feblock” at the end of line 3, then the reader goes through. The result looks very strange. Maybe something is wront with the points ordering ?

Thank you @whophil. I will look into getting FUN3D to give me tecplot binary files. I would have to obtain the Tecio library for that.

Also,@pcrepier, when I remove the “f=feblock” lines the reader reads in the file but its not the wing it should be. It was something I tried because I read it somewhere else. I’m not sure why this happens. The errors are still present with this though. I’m curious if there is a way for paraview to open Tecplot ASCII files from FUN3D at all. Maybe somebody would have more of an idea about that.

I see now that your data uses the block stucture of the tecplot format, not the point structure.
I am not sure the ascii readers supports this. (first all data, by block, then the connectivity).

so yes, maybe the binary format is the way to go here.
otherwise, if you choose the data format, then choose the “datapacking=point”. then you’ll have better chances