Paraview 5.8 Windows 10 Display issues

New user here. I am running Paraview 5.8.0 on Windows 10 Pro and have the following problem. Everything looks good at first I have a geometry and results that I can display on open (see first picture).

If I click in the pipeline browser then the second picture happens.Somethign happens and the left side of the screen is resized.

I put the client information below. If anyone has any thoughts I would be test out potential solutions.

Thanks in advance!

There is a bug in the Intel driver on your system. If you have a different graphics card, use that for rendering in ParaView. Otherwise downgrade or upgrade your Intel driver. The latest version should fix this problem.

See this issue for much more information:

Thanks Cory! Unfortunately, I have a dell and it didn’t let me upgrade to the newer driver. I am trying to find a work-around. Any thoughts?


UPDATE: I was able to manually load a different driver version and it works great! Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction!


I meet the same problem,I’m using an HP mobilestation under windwos 10, which have an onboard intel display and addational Nvidia Quadro video card, At present I just disable the Intel video card, then the Paraview 5.8 display is fine.

All the above good and they helped me. I solved this on my DELL by calling the NVIDIA driver and finally had to revert to an old Intel driver and let Windows update it. All works fine now. Good luck


i am in the same situation, where have you find the drivers? best regards

Hi Franco. Some time since I did this but I think:

  1. Updated the NVIDIA driver from

  2. The Intel driver was the problem. I went into my Windows component list and uninstalled the Intel driver. Windows then installed new driver as a Update

Working great for me now and good luck.

hello michael! thanks for the help! i have not a dedicated GPU so, no extra graphic card…
for the intel driver, i went to and updated all the drivers that said that were old. but my issue is that i was not sure “which” driver from intel i should update (as there are many…). i update all, but i though that maybe i should re install them but not sure which one…

Hi, I have the same problem for Intel Iris Plus - Driver on a Dell. :frowning:
Apparently this is the most recent version of the driver.
Would be grateful for any tips on how to solve this.

As stated before the solutions are as follows, in preferred order :

  • Use another GPU (eg: NVIDIA) if available
  • Upgrade your intel driver after if possible
  • Downgrade your intel driver before
  • Use an older version of ParaView (eg: 5.7.2)