ParaView-5.9.0 EGL version: GLEW could not be initialized: Missing GL version

Dear Experts,
When I run EGL version of ParaView on GPU nodes in our cluster, I some times encounter below Error:

Most Times the server will crash with error as below:

Some time there is a popup message box show at client side:

What make me confused is this errors just happened some times…other time i can setup server successfully…at first, i thought there is must be something wrong with graphic driver, but no one touched that driver or it related libs…

This error can be reproduced by both my local compiled ParaView5.8.1 EGL version and ParaView-5.9.0-RC3-egl version

My GPU node is NVIDIA dgx-1 with 8X NVIDIA Tesla® V100 32 GB/GPU and CentOS 7 system

Finally, I found it is SLURM that caused this problem when our cluster manager try to constrain the GPU devices, like user have to apply GPU by SLURM before they can use it, unfortunately, this constrain make pvServer cannot initialize openGL properly…

The solution is change below ConstrinDevices=no, not ‘yes’

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