ParaView 5.9.0-RC1 superbuild install issue with Python

When using the supebuild for ParaView 5.9.0-RC1 on Redhat 7.8
there is an error when installing the superbuild built osmesa version, the installer is looking for python, python-config, and (maybe pydoc) but instead only has python3, python3-config, and pydoc3. A work around is to make the following symbolic links in the superbuild’s install bin directory

ln -s python3 python
ln -s python3-config python-config
ln -s pydoc3 pydoc

but this should either already be being done by the superbuild, or the install script should be changed to look for the versions with the number 3 in them.


Joe Hennessey


We already handle the versions with “3” in them. I guess the version-less names seem to have disappeared though. Please see this thread: Paraview 5.9.0-RCS superbuild configuration issue on Ubuntu 18.04