Paraview 5.9 and GLTF2.0

in Paraview 5.9.0, I need to export a scene using the GLTF format. But I can’t open the file with Blender 2.92 or the gltf loader that gives me the error: THREE.GLTFLoader: Failed to load buffer “buffer6235536.bin”.
Do I need to select specific option among the gtlf exporter options (inline data, save normal, save batch id) ? Any suggestions are welcome. Could VTK python library be an alternative?
Thanks. JB

Could you share your dataset ?
Could you try with F3D ?

Thanks for replying.

Here is the GLTF file : argentiere_topo.gltf (2.6 KB) .

But It’s ok in F3D. What It did by checking my gltf file with the validator was wrong because I uploaded the gltf file without its associated bin files that I didn’t know existed. So far, I can display it in viewers but still have some trouble with blender. So, I need to check what happens there (can’t see anything).
I’m discovering all of gltf, blender and paraview. So, even your question could put me on the right way. Thanks.

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Happy to help